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Molecular Modelling: biomolecules and drug design 2023


The course is intended to broaden the vision of the potentials of computing in the research and development of new drugs, new materials or new compounds.
The course takes place for a whole week and is mainly addressed to Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering students. 

Organizers: Prof. Sergio Madurga and Prof. Jaime Rubio.

The course will be held in CATALAN/SPANISH

The sessions will involve the following subjects: 

Tues Feb 7thWed Feb 8thThurs Feb 9thFri Feb 10th
9:00-11:00Jordi Poater
Analysis of non-covalent interactions in DNA base pairs
Carolina Estarellas
Protein Molecular Dynamics
Martín Calvelo & José Pablo Rivas
Visualising biomolecules in action
Jaime Rubio
Drug Design
11:00 – 11:30


11:30-13:30Sergio Madurga
Simulation of macromolecular systems
Salomé Llabrés
Protein Molecular Dynamics
Ramon Reigada
Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics simulations for soft-matter systems: from micelles to membranes
Carles Curutxet
Multi-scale modelling of solutions and biomolecules

Places are limited. To participate, please register in the following FORM.

Place: Aula 2C