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Grants to start the research with the IQTC


A) Master’s degree Grant

The 2023 call for A fellowships (Master+UB) is now open, from November 22nd to December 11th 2023. 

More information at https://seu.ub.edu/ajutsPublic/showPublicacion/464604

2024 call is expected to be open in October 2024.

B) Postmaster Grant

The IQTC offers grants for students that fulfill the requirement to pursue Ph.D. studies. The aim of the grant is to continue the research project after the final master’s thesis and before undertaking a doctoral thesis, as well as the incorporation of new members to the IQTC.



The grant will be dedicated to research expenses (laptop, conferences, etc) related to the thesis project to be undertaken, which must be led by a professor belonging to the IQTCUB.


    The selected students will receive a grant of approximately 3.000 euros that will be managed through the IQTCUB hosting research group


  1. Fulfill the requirements for admission to a Ph.D. program at the University of Barcelona.
  2. Be able to apply to an FPU, FI, or similar Predoctoral scholarship.
  3. Candidates that obtained the A Master grant previously cannot apply for the B grants.

For more information, please contact iqtcub@ub.edu or one of the Institute’s Researcher 

Application Procedure


• Academic Record.
• A Cover Letter and, eventually, a list of Predoctoral Scholarship applications submitted.
• Recommendation letter from a senior researcher.

Deadline to submit applications: pending.

How to apply

By email: send in PDF format all information to francesc.vines@ub.edu (Dr. Francesc Viñes, IQTC’s Secretary)


Results will be announced soon after the deadline for applications