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FPI PhD Grant and Part time (Professor Associat) Professorship Contract


The Computational Material Science Laboratory (CMSL) of the University of Barcelona (UB), located at the Physical Chemistry Department of the Chemistry Faculty, is a research group with long-expertise in using state-of-the-art computational approaches in determining and tuning the structure and activity of advanced materials relevant to solar-light technologies, heterogeneous catalysis, magnetic compounds, and nanotechnology devices. We are seeking for our team a highly-qualified and engaged young scientist to carry out a 3-year PhD research on any of these fields founded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through an FPI grant. The research may involve international collaborations with leading experimental and theoretical research groups at USA, UK, France. Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brasil, Thailand, etc. Besides, a part time professorship contract is available for grade or master students, which could serve for a given candidate as a bridge between master degree and FPI grant. Working at CMSL you will:
•Carry out novel supercomputing research in an excellent academic environment at UB.
•Benefit of a 3-year remunerated contract.
•Have the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree in a research group of international prestige.
The ideal candidate will have:
•A master degree (or equivalent) in chemistry, physics or related discipline, a plus when involving quantum chemistry or physics simulations.
•Engagement and team work abilities. 
•Good language skills, especially in Spanish and/or Catalan for teaching and English. 
•Good score in master and/or grade degrees.
•Strong background or experience in quantum mechanics and computer simulations.
•Ideally knowledge on programming and Linux-based computer software environments.
If you are interested send an e-mail with your application letter stating motivation and current situation, your CV, and reference letters (if available) to Prof. Dr. Francesc Illas: francesc.illas@ub.edu