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Talk on quantum computing by David Muñoz, 7th September

on Friday 7th September 12h Aula QF, Dr. David Muñoz, from Cambridge Quantum Computing Ltd. will give the talk:

A quantum chemist’s journey into quantum computing

Quantum computing is quickly approaching the stage in which it will become a widely available and powerful tool to perform cutting edge research in many areas. In particular, quantum chemistry is positioning itself as one of the earlier applications of this computing paradigm, up to the point of being branded as the “killer app” for quantum computing in many journals. In this talk, I provide some basic ideas about the quantum computing formalism and its application to the simulation of molecules and materials at the atomistic scale. Then, I review the two main families of methods for the calculation of energies and wavefunctions: the quantum phase estimation algorithm and the variational quantum eigensolver, putting special emphasis on how these methods easily deal with multireference wavefunctions. Finally, I sketch out a perspective on what developments are expected in the next 5-10 years and provide directions to some resources for those who would like to test the waters in this new exciting area.