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  • Kumar, Mohit

    Mohit Kumar completed his Ph.D. in 2014 with Prof. Subi George at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India. Thereafter he was a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Rein Ulijn at the City University of New York. In 2021, he moved to Barcelona after obtaining La Caixa junior leader fellowship to join the Institute for Bioengineering of […]

    Fumanal Quintana, Maria

    Maria Fumanal obtained her degree in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2011, followed by a Master in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry from Universitat Rovira i Virgili. In 2015 she obtained her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Juan J. Novoa and Dr. Jordi Ribas Ariño about the radical-pair formation in supramolecular pi-stacked architectures. […]

    Limburg, Bart

    Bart Limburg studied Chemistry at Leiden University, and received his PhD (2015) from the same University under supervision of Prof. Sylvestre Bonnet and Prof. Elisabeth Bouwman. Afterwards, he went for a postdoctoral stay to the University of Oxford in the group of Prof. Harry Anderson working on electron transfer fundamentals with porphyrins molecules. With funding […]

    Vela Llausí, Sergi

    Sergi Vela Llausí got his degree in chemistry at the University of Barcelona in 2009. In 2014, he completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Mercè Deumal and Juan Novoa, on the computational modelling of molecular magnetic materials. After his PhD, he joined the Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique in Strasbourg (France) to work with Prof. Vincent […]

    C. Aragonès, Albert

    Albert C. Aragonès is Serra-Húnter Lecturer Professor and Head of a Max Planck Institute Partner Group at the University of Barcelona. He obtained his Master’s degree in Nanoscience from the University of Barcelona in 2012 and his Ph.D. in Molecular Electronics from the same institution in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Fausto Sanz. After […]

    Sorrenti, Alessandro

    Alessandro received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 2008 with a dissertation entitled “Transfer of chirality from molecules to complex systems”. Then he moved to the Universitat de Barcelona where he joined the group of Prof. J. M. Ribó (2010-2011) thanks to a fellowship for Young Foreign Researchers funded […]

    Puigmartí-Luis, Josep

    Prof. Dr. Josep Puigmartí-Luis is a chemist who completed a master in Chemistry and Food Engineering at “Institut Químico de Sarrià (IQS)” (2003) and did a PhD in materials science at Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB). His work in supramolecular and flow chemistry, has been awarded with “Premi Antoni de Martí i […]

    Cirera Fernández, Jordi

    He was born in Barcelona (1979) and got his degree in chemistry in 2002. In 2006 he obtained his PhD in chemistry working on the interplay between electronic structure and stereochemistry in transition metal complexes under the supervision of Profs. Santiago Alvarez and Eliseo Ruiz. He spent several years in California working on the theoretical […]

    Llunell Marí, Miquel

    Miquel Llunell i Marí is presently associate professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona where he is a member of the Electronic Structure and Symmetry Group. His actual research interests are mainly centered in the development and application of continuous symmetry measures to problems in structural chemistry as well as in the study […]

    Mota Valeri, Fernando