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Marina Corbella Morató

She is a postdoc.

  • Did you have any role models/referents growing up? Were they women? Were they from the scientific ambit?

My role models have been usually women, none from the scientific ambit.

  • Did you always think that you would get where you are now in your scientific career?


  • Did you think, somewhere along the way in your career, that pursuing a career in science was not possible for you, given the gender gap?

No, although I know there are still inequalities. I’ve been always treated as all my colleagues.

  • To what extent do you think the male predominance in science conditions scientific research and disclosure? Has the situation gotten worse, better or has it stayed the same since you started your career?

I think there is still a clear male predominance, but this is not only in scientific research, is a social inheritance in all aspects of our lives. However, I truly think that the situation in slowly changing to better.

  • Did you have any problems or challenges in your career because of your gender?


  • Send a motivational message to those little girls and young women who want to pursue a career in science but have doubts because of the gender gap or what their environment tells them.

You have to be the first one to trust in yourself. Everyone will eventually doubt you, men and women, but if you really want to do something you should not listen to all the drawbacks.