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An article of the group lead by Dr. Carme Rovira published in JACS magazine

We are glad to announce that an article of the group lead by Dr. Carme Rovira has been published in JACS magazine as a JACS Spotlight as you may see here.




Catalase peroxidases (KatG’s) are bifunctional heme proteins that can disproportionate hydrogen peroxide (catalatic reaction) despite their structural dissimilarity with monofunctional catalases. Using X-ray crystallography and QM/MM calculations, we demonstrate that the catalatic reaction of KatG’s involves deprotonation of the active-site Trp, which plays a role similar to that of the distal His in monofunctional catalases. The interaction of a nearby mobile arginine with the distal Met-Tyr-Trp essential adduct (in/out) acts as an electronic switch, triggering deprotonation of the adduct Trp.


Here you have the complete article.