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Gold Medal of Chemistry 2023 and Best Presentation Prize for Róża Okoń

In December 2023 Róża Okoń, a University of Barcelona student of the Master program ‘Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling’, was awarded Gold Medal of Chemistry 2023 in a Polish nation-wide competition organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the DuPont company. 

In her Bachelor study Róża computationally compared the photostability of biological and non-biological isomers of adenosine and showed that UV light could be a selection factor for these molecules in molecular evolution on the young Earth.  

Róża was also distinguished by the Best Presentation Prize. Róża thinks that her talk for the competition significantly benefited from a very constructive feedback given by the IQTCUB group leaders Stefan Bromley and Konstantin Neyman at the Master class ‘Transversal scientific and linguistic competence’ (CCLT). Also, the whole CCLT course was very useful for Róża and notably improved her presentation and writing skills overall. 

Congratulations, Róża!