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Last week, under the approval of the director, we created the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Commission (DIEC). This new group has been implemented in hopes of making our institute a more inclusive and equal space for everyone regardless of their gender, race, origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs or disabilities. 

After meeting for the first time, the commission decided that the main goals are the following, fundamentally aiming towards becoming a more welcoming space for everyone: 

  • Make the institute a more equal, diverse and welcoming space for everyone. 
  • Implement policies to improve gender equality. 
  • Help increase the feeling of belonging at the institute. 

As for the structure, this are the funding members: 

  • Julia Peral: Gender officer at IQTC and Chair of the Commission. 
  • Aïda Valverde Sanchís: Promoter and Project Manager 
  • Silvia Gómez Coca: Lecturer Professor 
  • Bart Limburg: Lecturer Professor 
  • Maria Guix Noguera: Ramon y Cajal Researcher 

This commission will remain open for everyone willing to participate. It is important to have representation of researchers of different seniorities and nationalities, so we encourage anyone interested in contacting us!