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IQTC internal seminar 11th of December

This Tuesday 11th of December we have the next session of the IQTC internal seminars. It will take place as usual at the Sala d’Actes of the Depertment of Material Sciences and Physical Chemistry at 12. The speakers of this sessions will be:

Lorena Vega
Title: On the Description of Transition Metal Systems by Density Functionals
Abstract: This study shows the evaluation of the accuracy of some density functionals describing surface properties and also the transferability of electronic descriptors obtained with the same methods.

Martí López
Title: Tuning Activity of Transition Metal Carbides by Surface Metal Alloying: Case of Study of CO2 Capture
Abstract:Transition Metal carbides can be used to capture and retain activated the CO2 to reused in many other industrial purposes, in this work we demonstrate that is possible to enhance its activity through doping technique.