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IQTC Internal Seminar 29th September

Next IQTC internal seminar will be on Friday the 29th of September at 12.30h in the Sala d’Actes of the Department of Materials Science and Physical Chemistry. The kick-off of the course will be done by Miquel Blancafort and Antoni Macià, who will give a 30 minutes talk each.


Miquel Blancafort Jorquera
Dynamics of Reactions Inside Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets.
The properties of 4He nanodroplets, such as superfluidity, chemical intertie and its ability to pick up almost any chemical species makes these systems very interesting from the chemical perspective. Here we present results on the theoretical study of the pick up and dimer formation of neon taking into account the effects of the angular momentum introduced by the neon atom which approaches the nanodroplet with a certain impact parameter. Because of these processes, vortexes have been seen to be created.
Supervisor: Miguel González Pérez

Antoni Macià

Astronomical Dust: Origin, Importance and Current  Knowledge.
Space is filled with “dust”, very small solid particles whose most known effect is diminishing star’s light. The use of IR spectroscopy has allowed a very basic characterization of the dust in terms of which are their main constituent elements, but a lot of different questions are still in the air. In this talk, I’ll give a general introduction to the dust problem, centered mostly on their origin, and explain the efforts in our group to develop models of dust grains in these conditions.
Supervisors: Stefan T. Bromley and Francesc Illas.