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IX IQTCUB Symposium

2018-06-01-JornadaIQTC banner


We are glad to announce the IX IQTCUB Symposium that will take place on Friday 1st June 2018 in the Facultat de Química of Universitat de Barcelona at Auditori Enric Casassas. Please remember to save the day in your agenda and come to meet us!

Take a look to the posters list that will be able to see during the event. 

These are the lectures and poster presentations scheduled for the IX IQTC Symposium:



Welcome – Aula Enric Casassas

Eliseo Ruiz – Director of IQTCUB



 ‘Automated and Interactive Exploration of Complex Reation Mechanism’

Markus Reiher (ETH Zurich)



‘Self-Controlled Ligand Release Mechanism as Determinant of the Selective Retinol Binding to Celular Carriers’

Carol Estarellas (IQTCUB, Universitat de Barcelona)

11:15-11:45  Cofee Break & Poster Session


‘Quantum Disruption’

José Ignacio Latorre (IQTCUB, Universitat de Barcelona)



‘Computational design of new materials for water electrolyzers’

Federico Calle-Vallejo (IQTCUB, Universitat de Barcelona)



‘Understanding the origin of magnetic anisotropy in S=1/2 mononuclear transition metal complexes’

Martin Amoza Dávila (IQTCUB, Universitat de Barcelona)




Eliseo Ruiz – Director of IQTCUB

13:15- open  Lunch & Poster Session