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International networking project in the area of Colloid and Interface Science

The project is entitled “Excellence in colloid and interface research and innovations for better quality of life” (EXTREME) and will run till March 2023. It is funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. They support networking projects highly rated in the previous TWINNING call, but not funded by the EU due to budget limitations.

Partner institutions of the project are Faculty of Chemistry, University of Barcelona (via the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry) and Department of Materials, ETH, Zürich (via the Laboratory of Soft Materials and Interfaces). The project is coordinated by the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at Sofia University (FCP-SU).

ICREA Professor Konstantin Neyman, group leader of the IQTC, chairs the Steering Committe of the project and serves as a contact person of the UB. Several conferences/workshops and training schools will be organized in Bulgaria during the project. Expenses for attending these conferences and schools for participants from the IQTC/Faculty of Chemistry of the UB will be covered by the project.

The project website will be ready very soon, from where you could get more details.