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New seminars available 14/10/16

We are proud to anounce two new IQTCUB seminars.


Next 14th of October, Manel Mondelo Martell and Santiago Alonso Gil will give the following seminars entitled:

Manel Mondelo Martell
Time-scale separation of confined and free motions in the H2@SWNT system.
Confinement effects in nano structured materials significantly change the dynamics of the adsorbed molecules. The special structure of carbon nanotubes, with a tight potential in 2 dimensions and a 3rd quasi-unbound coordinate, suggest that particularly interesting physics may arise in these systems resulting from the coexistence of the two sets of confined and quasi-free motions. In this work we present an adiabatization of the problem based on the different time scale of the different degrees of freedom which can help us better understand the system.
Director: Fermín Huarte Larrañaga

Santiago Alonso Gil
Reactivity of glycosidases. Insights from QM/MM.
Director: Carme Rovira Virgili

You are welcome to come at 12h at  Sala d’Actes at Departament de Ciències Materials i Química Física