C. Aragonès, Albert

Junior Leader Fundació la Caixa

Research Area:
Nanomaterials for emergent technologies

"Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Barcelona
c/Martí i Franquès, 1

Albert C. Aragonès is a Beatriu de Pinós researcher. Dr. Aragonès completed his master’s in Nanoscience in 2012 (University of Barcelona) and received his PhD in Molecular Electronics (2017) at the same university. 
After his PhD, he moved, as a postdoctoral researcher, to Dr. Díez-Pérez Group at King’s College London (UK). After receiving a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (2019) he moved to Prof. Bonn’s Molecular Spectroscopy Group at Max Planck Institute (MPIP, Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Domke. His main research focuses on molecular-scale charge transport phenomena under force fields, and today his research interests focus on gathering molecular electronics with plasmonic (nano-optical) trapping.