Deumal i Solé, Mercè

Full Professor

Research Area:
Nanomaterials for emergent technologies

Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

University of Barcelona

c/Martí i Franquès, 1

+34 93 4034864

Mercè Deumal is Full Professor at the University of Barcelona. She completed an Erasmus MSc (1994-95) with Prof. Robb at King’s College London (KCL, UK), and pursued her doctoral research with Prof. Novoa at the Molecular Materials Structure Group (GEM2, UB). After her PhD award in 1999, she carried out postdoctoral research in Prof. Robb’s group (1999-2001, Research Associate, ROPA-EPSRC, KCL, UK), where she developed and implemented a bottom-up work procedure based on first-principles in order to study magnetism in molecular crystals. After her postdoctoral research at KCL, she rejoined the UB as Ramón y Cajal Researcher (2001-05) and as Associate Professor (2006-2019). From 2018, Dr. Deumal is the coordinator of the interuniversity doctoral program on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling at UB. Her research focuses on multifunctional materials: purely organic magnetic crystals, complexes with transition metals or charge transfer, switchable and bistable compounds, low dimensional magnets, spin canting materials and metamagnets. Recently, the use of molecular dynamics in the study of the influence of thermal fluctuations in the magnetic coupling interactions has been adopted. Dr. Deumal collaborates actively with experimental groups (Prof. Turnbull-Clark Univ (USA) and Prof. M. Rademeyer-Pretoria Univ. (South Africa) on low-dimensional magnetism, and Prof. Awaga-Nagoya Univ, (Japan) on bistable thiazyl-based compounds), and theoreticians (Prof. Broer & Prof. Havenith-Groningen Univ. (Netherlands) on phase transitions in thiazyl-based materials, Prof. Robb-Imperial College London (UK) and Dr. Jornet-EHU on the analysis of the magnetic wavefunction; Dr. McNellis-Universität Mainz on charge and spin transport; Dr. Vela-EPFL on phase transitions, low-dimensional magnets, and machine learning, and Drs. Moreira and Bromley from UB on multifunctional materials).