Gómez Coca, Silvia


Research Area:
Nanomaterials and Nanoelectronics

Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

University of Barcelona

c/Martí i Franquès, 1

+34 93 4021264

Since December 2018, I am a Beatriu de Pinós researcher at the University of Barcelona. My research focuses on synthetic and computational inorganic chemistry, navigating in the fields of molecular magnetism, supramolecular chemistry and molecular electronics. I received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry (2007) from University of Alicante. I obtained a master’s degree (2010) and a PhD (2013) in Inorganic Chemistry, supervised by Prof. Eliseo Ruiz, from the University of Barcelona. Afterwards I spent more than three years abroad as a postdoctoral researcher, 16 months at Texas A&M (USA) with Prof. Kim Dunbar (2015-2016), and 26 months at King’s College London (UK) with Dr. Edina Rosta (2016-2018). I also performed a a couple of months postdoctoral research stay at King’s College London (UK) with Dr. Ismael Diez-Perez (2018) before I came back to Barcelona.