González Pérez, Miguel

Full Professor

Research Area:
Catalysis, energy and environment

Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Barcelona
c/Martí i Franquès, 1

+34 93 4021237

Miguel González is full professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona since 2003. He coordinates the “Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Complex Systems” group, which involves researchers from the Universities of Barcelona, Autonomous of Madrid and La Rioja. His research activity has mainly theoretical character and is centered in the study of the gas phase reaction dynamics (atmospheric, combustion chemistry, etc.) and the physico-chemical processes dynamics involving superfluid helium nanodroplets. With particular emphasis in the last topic during the last years, where his group has been developing the first theoretical investigations carried out in chemistry on these complex systems involving a finite quantum fluid. The research activities include applications and theoretical developments (classical and quantum mechanics contexts) and are mainly addressed to understand in a detailed way the microscopic mechanism of key processes and also to provide useful information for practical applications. He has coordinated 7 national projects, supervised 16 PhD thesis, published 155 articles and 1 book, presented more than 160 contributions to international meetings, organized 3 international meetings, and acted regularly as referee for numerous international journals; h index=28. Regarding the teaching activity, he has taught Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Kinetics, and Experimental Physical Chemistry for undergraduate students in Chemistry and Reaction Dynamics and Lasers Fundamentals for graduate students in Chemistry. Furthermore, in the initial period of the University of La Rioja (1992-1994 academic years) he was Research Vice-Chancellor of this university.