Morales García, Ángel

Postdoctoral Researcher (Beatriu de Pinós-Juan de la Cierva)

Research Area:
Catalysis, energy and environment

Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

University of Barcelona

c/Martí i Franquès, 1

+34 93 4021229

Ángel Morales García (Madrid, 1983) obtained his degree in Chemistry at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in 2008 and later his PhD in Chemistry (2014) analyzing the behaviour of the matter under extreme conditions. After that, he moved to Czequia at Charles University in Prague (2014-2016) at the group of Prof. Petr Nachtigall performing studies of biomass conversion catalytic process and zeolites. In addition, he did fruitful collaborations with Dr. Otakar Frank investigating the effect of the strain on the electronic properties of low-dimenasional graphene-derived materials. In 2017, he started my second postdoctoral stay as Juan de la Cierva (Formación) Researcher at University of Barcelona (2017-2018) at the group of Prof. Francesc Illas working on the fundamental studies on the structural and electronic properties of photocatalytic TiO2 based materials. In addition, he is involved in the study of MXene materials (low dimensional carbides and nitrides) in catalytic process such as the activation of CO2 and dissociation of water and nitrogen. Currently, Ángel continues as Juan de la Cierva (Incorporación) Researcher at Univeristy of Barcelona (2019-now).