Sayós Ortega, Ramon

Full Professor

Research Area:
Catalysis, energy and environment

Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

University of Barcelona

c/Martí i Franquès, 1

+34 93 4034760

Ramón Sayós is Full Professor at the Department de Ciència de Materials i Química Física of Universitat de Barcelona(UB). He is also researcher at the Institut de Química Teòrica i Computacionalof the same University. He leaders the Applied Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modelling research group. He obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry at UB (1989). Afterwards, he did a postdoctoral stay (1989-1990) at the University of Nottingham (England) with Prof. John Simons, working on two experimental laboratories (molecular beams and lasers). He got a stable position (Profesor Titular)at UB in 1991. A large part of his first research was dedicated to the dynamics studies of elementary gas-phase reactions by means of theoretical approaches (i.e., DFT, ab initio, quasiclassical trajectories,…). In the last period, this research has been focused to the theoretical study of gas-surface reactions (i.e., heterogeneous catalysis), trying also to do an applied research to several industrial topics (e.g., capture and separation of gaseous, oil/water wettability, CO2conversion,…). He also has directed several European or Spanish funded research projects. As a result of his research activities, he has an h index of 24, has supervised 10 Doctoral Thesis and has published more than 110 articles in peer-reviewed international journals.