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  • Inauguration of the exhibition ROSALIND FRANKLIN

    Next Friday 19 November at 12 noon, the sixteenth exhibition of the Historical Collection of the CRAI Library of Physics and Chemistry will be inaugurated with the exhibition ROSALIND FRANKLIN: a life deciphering helical structures, at the CRAI Library of Physics and Chemistry. The opening ceremony will take place in the Aula Magna Enric Casassas […]

    IQTC Women: Anabel Jurado

    Anabel Jurado got her degree in Chemistry in 2018, and doing the TFG with Dr. Francesc Viñes on the adsorption of atomic oxygen on transition metals. Later on, she did a MsC in Applied Materials Chemistry in 2019, continuing with the TFM with Dr. Francesc Viñes, finishing the TFG topic, completing the table of the […]

    IQTC Women: Carme Sousa

    Carme Sousa graduated in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 1989 and obtained the PhD in Chemistry at the same University in 1994 receiving the Extraordinary Doctorate Award (1995). The thesis was supervised by Dr. Francesc Illas and was the starting point of a new research line on the study of the electronic structure […]

    IQTC Women: Irene Cuxart

    Irene Cuxart obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) at the Universitat Ramon Llull in 2017. She complemented it with an internship at the Delft University of Technology in summer 2016, where she worked with bacterial biofilms in ceramic pot filters at the Water Management Lab. She did her […]

    IQTC Women: Beatriz Piniello

    Beatriz started studying Chemistry in the University of Barcelona in 2013. In 2016, she did an Erasmus stay in Lund University (Sweden), where she attended a course in Structural Biology and Bioinformatics. This course was her first experience with computational simulations, and it encouraged her to apply for a Summer internship in Prof. Carme Rovira’s […]

    IQTC Women: Salomé Llabrés

    Salomé Llabrés Prat graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona in 2010 and subsequently joined the Department of Physical-Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Barcelona) to pursue her Master’s degree (2011) and her PhD in Biotechnology (2015) under the supervision of professors Ramon Pouplana and F. Javier Luque. Her thesis work focused […]

    IQTC Women: Laia Navarro

    Laia Navarro got her degree in Chemistry with honors from the University of Barcelona (UB) in 2019. During her undergraduate time, she showed a strong interest in the field of Computational Chemistry, the topic of her Final Degree Project (TFG), which was done in the electronic structure group at IQTC-UB. Laia completed her background in […]

    IQTC Women: Mª Nuria Peralta

    Mª Nuria Peralta studied a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from 2016 to 2020 at the University of Barcelona. During her academic training, she discovered the field of computational chemistry and became very interested in the applicability of computational tools in chemistry. As a result, she attended the Introductory and Advanced Courses in Computational Chemistry organized […]

    IQTC Women: Lorena Vega

    Lorena Vega studied B.Sc. Chemistry from 2012 to 2016 at the University of Barcelona. During the degree, she began by taking an interest in Computational Chemistry after doing the practices of Physical Chemistry III and later the elective course of Computational Chemistry. As a result, she chose to do a TFG on the subject and […]

    IQTC Women: Silvia Gómez Coca

    Silvia Gómez Coca obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (2007) from the University of Alicante, and the Master’s degree (2010) and the PhD (2013) in Chemistry at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the Universitat de Barcelona, under the supervision of Prof. Eliseo Ruiz Sabín. She worked principally on molecular magnetism and supramolecular chemistry. Since the […]