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Coffee with Female Scientists

What is research? What is a scientist’s profession like? Is it different for men and women? In this event, we want to address these questions in a participatory way. By means of the experience of several female scientists, some of them scientists, some of them doing their doctorate, others in post-doctoral stages or as professors, we want to bring their vision as scientists to all students. The objective of this event is to be a space where we can talk about the passion for research and the associated professional stages, exemplifying the role of the female scientist.

The act will be conducted in Catalan.

Researchers from the UB will take part in the event:

Pre-doctoral researchers: Andrea Baza Varas (Ciències de la Terra), Mar Carretero Castrillo (ICCUB), Mariona Escoda i Torroella (IN2UB), María Aide Gómez Robledo (UBICS), Laia de Frutos Manzanares (UBICS) i Llanos Valera Prieto (Geomodels).

PhD researchers: Mª Antonia Busquets Viñas (Prof. Titular, Fac. Farmàcia, IN2UB), Marina Corbella Morató (Inv. Postdoctoral Universitat d’Uppsala i futur membre d’IQTCUB), Arantxa Fraile Rodríguez (Prof. Agregada, Fac. Física, IN2UB), Sílvia Gómez Coca (Prof. Lectora, Fac. Química, IQTCUB).