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IQTCUB PhD Students Seminars

IQTCUB PhD students will give a round of seminars from now until the end of 2017. The seminars are intended to be used to share knowledge between IQTC students and groups, hence, they will be general enough and will transmit basic concepts, goals, and means of your research in a easy and comprehensive manner. This will help understanding the presented projects and thus increase the possible cooperation between all of us during the seminars and out of them. As you will see, most of the talks are assigned to PhD students, but  also some “special issue” talks are assigned to Drs. or Profs. from time to time.

Here you have the titles of the first four presentations:

Oriol Lamiel
        Towards a first principles description of realistic models of TiO2 nanoparticles
Isaac Alcón
        Moving beyond Graphene, without Graphene
Santiago Alonso-Gil
        QM/MM study of the hydrolysis reaction in the GH13 amylosucrase
Andy Cuko
        Towards understanding the structure and properties of mixed oxide nanosystems: (TiO2)n(SiO2)m clusters

The list of seminars and every following presentation titles are going to be placed on the Sala d’Actes door as well as in the IQTC-UB panel in the entrance floor.

Find here the complete seminars list!