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The IQTCUB have other services to provide service to the IQTCUB’s users.

  • Backup server DELL R515 (backup server with 4TB of disk capacity  connected in a UPS) 
  • Tape library server HP MSL4048 (48 tapes with approximately 48TB of space, ~1TB/tape)
  • Proxy server (server that allows the access to the public network from IQTCUB’s network)
  • Switch Layer 3 HP Procurve with 24 ports (used for the IQTCUB’s date centre infrastructure)
  • 8 Switchs Layer 2 Dlink with  48  ports (internal network for cerqt2, iqtc01, iqtc02, iqtc03 clusters)
  • 3 Switchs Layer 2 HP with 48 ports (internal network for iqtc04 cluster)
  • 3 Switchs Infiniband Voltaire with 36 ports (calculation network for iqtc04 cluster)
  • Modular switch HP (8 calculation network modules for iqtc01 ,iqtc02, iqtc03 clusters)