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Computational Modelling: from Molecules to Materials 2021


The main goal of this course organized is to initiate chemistry undergraduate students in the possibilities of Computational Chemistry. The course takes place for a whole week and is mainly addressed to Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering students, which have preferably already attended the Physical Chemistry (II) Course, according to the new curriculum or Physical Chemistry (III), according to the old curriculum of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Organizers: Dr Silvia Gómez Coca, Prof. Gabriel Aullón

The course will be held in CATALAN/SPANISH

The sessions will involve the following subjects:

* Linux  (Jordi Inglés, Irene Zamora)
* Enllaç i Estructura  (Gabriel Aullón, Silvia Gomez)
* Dinàmica Molecular  (Miguel González, Pablo Gamallo)
* Reactivitat Molecular  (Jesús Jover)
* Estats Excitats  (Mercè Deumal)
* Modelling of Materials  (Stefan Bromley)
* Superficies i Defectes  (Angel Morales)
* Catàlisi Heterogènea  (Federico Calle)
* Machine Learning  (Albert Bruix)

The EDITION for 2021 will take place from June 28th to July 2nd. 

Places are limited. To participate, please register in the following FORM