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New Trends in Computational Chemistry -ed. 2022 – Program

Thursday, September 8th

9:30-9:40Welcome by Eliseo Ruiz Sabin, IQTC Director
Opening SessionChair: Dr. Maria Fumanal
09:40-10:30Prof. Ivano Tavernelli, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
“Quantum Computing Applications in Quantum Chemistry”
10:30-10:40Dr. Oriol Pineda, Red Española de Supercomputación (RES) 
“The Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES): HPC and Data Resources for a scientific revolution”
10:40-11:20Dr. Xavier Bonet Monroig, Universiteit Leiden
“Variational quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry in the NISQ era”
Session 2Chair: Dr. Ángel Morales
11:20-11:50Coffee Break
11:50-12:20Mr. Lluc Garcia, Ideaded-UB
“Highly adiabatic quantum driving at low energy cost”
12:20-12:50Dr. Marta P. Estarellas, Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech 
“Analog Quantum Computing: from the lab to the industry”
12:50-15:30Lunch Break
Session 3Chair: Dr. Jordi Cirera
15:30-16:10Prof. David Mazziotti, University of Chicago
“Simulating Many-fermion Systems with a Contracted Quantum Eigensolver”
16:10-16:50Dr. Nicholas Mayhall, Virginia Tech
“Fast state preparation for variational quantum algorithms to outrace decoherence”
16:50-17:20Coffee Break
17:20-18:00Prof. Sabre Kais, Purdue University
“Quantum Machine Learning for Complex Many-Body Systems”

Friday, September 9th

Session 4Chair: Dr. Sergi Vela
9:30-10:10Dr. Jakob Kottmann, Freie Universität Berlin
“Molecular Quantum Circuit Design”
10:10-10:50Dr. Javier Segarra Martí, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMOL)
“Computational photochemistry in noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers: the electron correlation problem”
10:50-11:20Dr. Elisabet Ortega Carrasco, HPCNow
“Taking advantage of quantum computing without having a quantum computer”
11:20-11:50Coffee Break
Session 5Chair: Dr. Francesc Viñes
11:50-12:30Dr. David Muñoz, Cambridge Quantum Computing Ltd. 
“Novel methods for noise mitigation and circuit depth optimization in chemistry simulations on today’s quantum computers”
12:30-13:00 Dr. Alba Cervera, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
“Quantum Algorithms in Near Term devices”
13:00-13:10Closing Remarks