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New Trends in Computational Chemistry – ed. 2022

Introducing the Quantum Revolution in Chemistry High-Performance Computing

Computational and theoretical chemistry provides with quantitative and qualitative insights into a wide range of technologically relevant chemical and physical processes. 

This ever-growing field will soon benefit from the advent of Quantum Computers as a source of new computational methodologies and software applications. These novel developments will pave the way for studying complex chemical, biological and physical systems in new and more efficient ways, and will be soon adopted in academic and industrial environments. 

This workshop will be held on September 8th and 9th and it will bring together worldwide leading experts in the application and development of Quantum Computing methods applied to atomistic modelling, hardware and software development. Of course, there will be space for discussing the future perspectives of this exciting research field. The workshop will last for two days, and will include talks by invited speakers from both academia and industry.

We look forward to meeting you all there!

The Institut of Computational Chemistry is organizing this event with the support of the Red Española de Supercomputación, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Centro Nacional de Supercomputación; and the companies:

HpcNow! Advanced supercomputing services for science and engineering

Qilimanjaro Quantum–Tech


Scientific committee:
Eliseo Ruiz Sabin
Francesc Viñes Solana
Jesús Jover Modrego
Carles Curutchet Barat

Please contact the event organizers for any doubt or details (jjovermo@ub.edu/francesc.vines@ub.edu).

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