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1st UB Institutes Conference: Space exploration (and exploitation)

On June 22nd, the University of Barcelona will host the first Day of the UB Institutes titled “The exploration (and exploitation) of space” with the aim of approaching the subject from a cross-disciplinary perspective based on the research carried out by different UB research institutes, organized by the ICCUB.

Prof. Stefan Bromley, from the IQTC, will participate in giving a lecture about his work in Astrochemistry.


Cosmic dust is found throughout the universe. Formed around aging stars or in supernovae, nascent grains are initially thrown into harsh interstellar space where they reside for millions of years. When eventually finding denser and warmer regions of space, dust becomes the main driver for astrochemistry by providing catalytic sites for reactions while shielding against destructive high energy radiation. Cosmic dust is thereby essential for the formation of a huge range of molecules from water and hydrogen to complex organic molecules. Eventually, these denser regions of space become the birthplace for new stars with orbiting planets largely built from accretion of dust grains. This presentation shows how computational chemistry can help astronomers identify the chemical composition and structure of cosmic dust and how it contributes to fundamental astrochemical processes.

The event will open with the presentation of a space project, the NewSpace Strategy for Catalonia, an example of how space is already part of our daily life. Afterwards, the UB institutes will give a multidisciplinary view of space: they will talk about the practical problems of its exploration, the science that is done, how it affects our lives and the economic factors that surround it, and it will be completed with a historical look at the sky.

The event can be followed in streaming on UBtv at this link

University of Barcelona press release: https://www.ub.edu/web/ub/en/menu_eines/noticies/2021/02/035.html