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IQTC PhD Seminar

We are proud to anounce two new IQTCUB seminars.

Next 18th of November, Alberto Figueroba and Tommaso Francese will give the following seminars entitled:

Alberto Figueroba
On the existence of Pt⁴⁺ in cerium dioxide: Born by nanostructuring

The formation of highly oxidized Pt⁴⁺ species in the lattice of cerium dioxide remains controversial. In the present study we discuss the presence of such ions in CeO2 supports, which can give rise to powerful oxidative chemistry mediated by these nanocomposites.
Director: Konstantin M. Neyman.

Tommaso Francese
First-Principles Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of Bistability in Molecule-Based Magnets
Molecule-based magnets are promising materials for the future development of sensors and data storage devices. We will explore the peculiar behaviour of one of the most promising DTA compounds that presents spin transition and bistability at room temperature. The First-Principles Bottom-Up methodology will be explained and the corresponding results for the PDTA system are going to be presented.
Director: Juan J. Novoa Vide

You are welcome to come at 12h at  Sala d’Actes at Departament de Ciències Materials i Química Física