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IQTC Seminar: Biel Martínez

Quantum computers made of spins: overview of an up-and-coming platform

05 April 2022, 11:30h a.m.

Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré


Quantum computers may be one of the next breakthroughs in information processing. Such computers would leverage on quantum mechanics (superposition, entanglement…) to solve problems that are out of reach of classical computers. The information in a quantum computer must be stored and manipulated as a coherent superposition of solutions in an ensemble of (possibly millions of) “quantum bits” (qubits). The platform chosen to host the qubits must be, therefore, highly scalable.
Many quantum two-level systems have been proposed as qubits. Superconducting circuits took the lead and platforms with tenths of them have been already demonstrated. However, going beyond hundreds to thousands of qubits remains challenging. In this context, spin have been raising more and more interest in the last few years due to a potentially better scalability.
In this talk, we will focus on the hardware side of the quantum computing problem and we will disentangle the basis of spin qubits. We will review how such qubits are built and operated, and how logic gates are implemented on the chip. Lastly, we will discuss the challenges to overcome
to reach large-scale quantum processors.