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VI IQTCUB Symposium

Next Friday 3rd of July of 2015 there will be the VI IQTCUB Symposium. Take a look to the programme of this year or download it here :

Find here the abstracts of all seminars:

From photostability to photodamage in DNA: insights from molecular dynamics

Adiabatic and nonadiabatic dynamics with conditional wave functions

Stabilization of open-shell states in purely organic molecules

Effect of water and coexisting impurities on the adsorption of CO2 in CuBTC and zeolite 13X

Expanding the druggable genome with new computational tools

Modeling the ligand tuning effect over the transition temperature in Spin-Crossover systems using Density Functional Methods

As every year, IQTCUB members have also prepared several posters related to their researchers. Take a look to the posters list that will be available for the VI IQTCUB Symposium. Download it from here!