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8 IQTC researchers in the Stanford Ranking 2022

The Stanford Ranking, published by the editorial group Elsevier, names the top 2% of the most cited researchers in their respective disciplines. This 2% represents 186,000 researchers out of the more than 8 million researchers considered to be active worldwide.
In the latest ranking update published, there are 166 members of the UB, including 8 researchers from our institute:

  • Pere Alemany, Chemistry (Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry, Chemical Physics)
  • Santiago Álvarez, Chemistry (Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)
  • Xavier Barril, Chemistry (Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry, Chemical Physics)
  • Francisco Javier Luque, Chemistry (Chemical Physics, Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry)
  • Juan J. Novoa, Chemistry (Organic Chemistry, Chemical Physics)
  • Carme Rovira, Chemistry (Organic Chemistry, Chemical Physics)
  • Eliseo Ruiz, Chemistry ( Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)
  • Francesc Illas, Physics & Astronomy (Chemical Physics, Applied Physics)

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